Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thom Hartmann’s Hunter and Farmer Approach to ADD/ADHD

Thom Hartmann’s approach showing the differences between “Hunters” and “Farmers”.
Taken from Thom Hartmann’s book, “ADD: A Different Perception.”

Trait as it appears in the “Disorder” view:How it appears in the “Hunter” view:Opposite “Farmer” traits:
Attention spans short, but can become intensely focused for the long periods of time.Constantly monitoring their environment.Not easily distracted from the task at hand.
Poor planner: disorganized and impulsive (makes snap decisions).Able to throw themselves into the chase on a moment’s notice.Able to sustain a steady, dependable effort.
Distorted sense of time: unaware of how long it will take to do something.Flexible; ready to change strategy quickly.Organized, purposeful. They have a long term strategy and they stick to it.
Impatient.Tireless: capable of sustained drives, but only when “Hot on the trail” of some goal.Conscious of time and timing. They get things done in time, pace themselves, have good “staying power.”
Doesn’t convert words into concepts adeptly, and vice versa. May or may not have a reading disability.Visual/Concrete thinker, clearly seeing a tangible goal even if there are no words for it.Patient. Aware that good thing takes time – willing to wait.
Has difficulty following directions.Independent.Team player.
Daydreamer.Bored by mundane tasks; enjoy new ideas, excitement, “the hunt” being hot on the trial.Focused. Good at follow-through, tending to details, “taking care of business.”
Acts without considering consequences.Willing and able to take risk and face danger.Careful. “looking before you leap.”
Lacking in the social graces.“No time for niceties when there are decisions to be made!”Nurturing; creates and supports community values; attuned to whether something will last.


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