Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Grandma, about the birth of grandson with Down Syndrome

Meet Jaxon Lee and his proud Mommy.... My daughter. This photo is priceless!!  It was taken only moments after they saw each other for the first time!  Look at the two of them, my beautiful daughter and my adorable and handsome new grandson, looking into the eyes of one another... You can see the love and the beautiful bond!! !

My daughter and her husband were told their baby boy would have a 99% chance of having Down Syndrome, when she was pregnant 24 weeks along. It wasn't the news they wanted to hear.... But, they allready loved him so much, that it didn't matter. Down syndrome or not, he was perfect!
Since then, we have had tons of support and negativity too... But, all of us have looked forward to the day of his birth.
That day came today at 8.40 am. Jaxon is here to meet us. I am so happy for my beautiful daughter and my adorable and handsome new grandson!
He is a chubby little man... 9 lbs 3oz... and BEAUTIFUL!!! He had some problems breathing at birth and they had to manually breathe for him for awhile, but he pulled through. He is in the NICU and all we can do is wait. We haven't had anyone talk to us about anything, but we hope for the best.
I am so PROUD of my daughter, her husband, and that precious baby boy!

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