Monday, October 15, 2018

Collaboration Between General and Special Education Teachers


Historically, teachers have worked in isolation--one teacher to a classroom. As children with disabilities entered the public schools in the 1970s, they were taught in separate classrooms with their own teachers. Over the past 25 years, these students have slowly moved into the flow of the regular classroom, thus the use of the term "mainstreaming." However, students were mainstreamed for selected subjects or parts of the day; they were not considered part of the typical class. Now the philosophy is to include all students in the same class, which has brought about teams of general education and special education teachers working collaboratively or cooperatively to combine their professional knowledge, perspectives, and skills.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

7 Effective Strategies to Get Your Kids to Listen

For parents, getting kids to listen can be more than a challenge. It can feel near to impossible, at times. Kids have a lot going on in their minds to begin with, so what their parents are telling them to do may fall low on their priority list.

 Moreover, children who have experienced a significant family change like their parents' separation or divorce may have much more to think about. 

Still, it's important for parents to have effective strategies in place to get their kids to listen when it matters most such as in an emergency. Consider these seven effective strategies to get your kids to listen. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

If You Do THIS, Your Kids Will Listen

Kids aren’t listening? It’s so frustrating to correct our kids over and over. Try these two crucial positive parenting strategies and your kids will listen.
“It looks like a beautiful ballroom!” my awestruck five-year-old daughter exclaimed. She approached the open restaurant floor and twirled with wonderment. In truth, we were had just been brought into a nice looking bistro, but I couldn’t fault her enthusiasm. We sat down to dine with some friends from out of town. It was their last night here after a really nice visit. My kids had just spent an hour swimming, jumping, and moving from the hotel pool to the hot tub and back again.