Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Parents attitude

A friend who was a Chinese Primary school teacher, share her experience
Nowadays the children are very smart. There was once this girl did something wrong and I scolded her.
She said “When I go home, I will tell my mummy you scolded me.”
We the teacher have to be smart enough to handle them.
I told her, “Give me your mummy’s hand phone number now, I want to tell your mummy now that I scold you.”
Then the girl kept quiet.
This kind of incidents happen almost everyday at school. And it’s common to see angry parents who are ignorant of their children’s bad behavior and yet come scolding the teacher.

There was incident where a naughty boy being punished by the teacher, and the next day the parent who so happens to be a lawyer, sending in lawsuit letter, suing the teacher for punishing the boy.
(Notes: In my school, a lot of parents are doctors, lawyers, those so called highly educated, highly income people. )

One of my student’s parent, when I put a big question mark on her child’s blank homework sheet (her child didn’t do his homework), instead of letting her child knows about his own wrong-doing, she came and protestedto me that “How should I know what is the big question mark you put meant for?”

When facing with such parents, what we teachers usually do, to protect ourselves, we won’t bother about that child in class any more, whether he/she wants to learn, want to do their homework or not, want to get rotten there,… we just cannot do much. We just teach in front.
And you might be surprise, a lot of time, these hot-blood parents pay very little attention to their children at home as well. Sometimes it’s a pity also. Those children are not stupid. In fact quite a number are very brilliant kids.
It has become a trend for working parents to send their children to day care. Dropped off in the morning, study, do homework, tuition, bathe and have lunch there. Then the day care teachers will bring them to school when it’s time. Parents just wash their hands clean. An easy life, passing everything to day care center. Then who will be responsible for those children character building ? I doubt those center will.
Some parents told me “We are busy. We are not free.” I won’t give face and throw back a question “So are you too busy to go shopping?”

I have a daughter studying in my school, and I told her teacher, if she did something wrong, do punish her accordingly, treat her just like the rest of the class.
Even though how busy and tired I am, I will make sure I spend time with my girls, teach them, coach them. We tried to buy our things from grocery shop like Giant instead of going to mega malls. So that we just go in and get the things we want, and come out. No need to waste our time nor money.
(Notes: nowadays teachers has a lot of paper work/report to do, not like last time)

Ya, it all comes down to the parents attitude…

SOURCE:  http://zilingyuying.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/parents-attitude/


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