Monday, November 23, 2020

Face Masks And Hearing Loss In School: How To Support Your Child


For children with hearing loss, this year has created new challenges in the classroom. First there was the switch to online learning, and now as some schools return to in-person teaching, a new challenge has emerged: Face masks and hearing loss. 

Masks prevent lip reading, restrict visual cues and even dampen speech transmitted from the mouth. All of this can make listening harder for children with hearing loss and cochlear implants. Here are some ways you and your child’s teacher can help support their listening experience.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

11 Ways to Make Your Autistic Child's Life Easier


Loving that autistic child of yours with all your heart is a wonderful, precious experience. If you’re not autistic yourself, though, even the purest love won't help you understand how being autistic affects your child’s body, their senses, and how they interact with the world.

You don't want to inadvertently make your beloved child's life harder than it has to be, so please consider the advice below -- advice I’ve gleaned about autistic experiences, gathered during twelve years of listening to autistic people, professionals, and parents. Some of these factors are common knowledge in autism communities and circles, but others are really not talked about enough, and every last one bears repeating.