Monday, September 30, 2013

Teach Children By Example

Children may close their ears to advice,
but they keep their eyes open to an example.
What a child sees, he follows.
If a child gets love, he becomes a loving person.
If a child is cared for, he becomes caring.
If a child is always condemned, he condemns others.
If a child is berated, he learns to berate everyone.
If a child gets appreciated, he learns to look at the bright side of life always.
A child is just like wet clay.
Elders are the potters, it is up to them what they make out of this wet clay…
A pot to fill in water and replenish life
or a pot to fill drugs and destroy life!

Children learn from seeing and hearing, but often from overhearing. We are our children’s reality show:  we are their favorite channel and they watch us daily, especially at those moments when we yell, are frustrated, tired and under the stressors that cause all of us to, at times, “lose it”.
It seems like when we tell them to do something we need them to do, they’re completely deaf.  But when we speak in a lower voice to another adult in another room about something we don’t want them to hear, they hear it from half a football field away.  That’s why parenting is like always being in front of a camera, where everything you say and do is recorded for everyone to see and hear, especially our children.  Nobody said being a parent was going to be easy.

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