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Proven! Kids inherit smartness from moms

 Parents, you need to read this!

One of the most intriguing questions while raising a child is most definitely, "who has the child took on, the mum or the dad?" 

From their eyes to hair and their habits, it is quite likely that you can link back their traits to one of the parents. However, studies have proved that one particular trait, intelligence, which might divide opinions is inherited from the maternal side! Confused? There is a lot of scientific backing to this tall claim. Children do inherit their intelligence from their mamas, and not their dads!

The study

Remember when people say, an educated mom educates the entire family? Well, it might hold true, after all!

While it almost makes sense that kids inherit equal traits (including their IQ levels) from both parents, a genetic study was done which points out to the evidence that intelligence, particularly, is inherited from one parent, the mothers.

Did you know?

The study, which has been published in the journal, Psychology Spot dates back to a sample survey done in the year 1994, where close to 12,686 people, aged between 1-22 were interviewed and questioned on several factors including race, education level, socio-economic status and similar questions were asked to mothers in the study. Upon analysis, it was seen that the intelligence gene was linked to the X chromosome, which is the prime female chromosome.

In fact, another correlated study, linked to the 1994 based study found out that women, since they have twice the number of X chromosome are more likely to pass on the intelligence genes onto their children.

Did you know?

In fact, mom's side of genetics determine how brainy or clever a child is, and the father's genes make little to no difference in honing a child's intelligence.

Science also supports that intelligence is a "conditioned" gene, which usually works when they are transmitted from the mother. Conditioned genes and other cognitive genes are subdued and deactivated when they come from a father's side.

Experts also say that since, in most cultures, moms occupy the role of a primary caregiver, what they do and nurture influences the shaping of their children's brains during their critical development stage.

What role do dads play then?

Moms might have a bigger role to play in making their kids smart, but it just doesn't mean that dads are not doing anything.

Intelligence is a broad concept and as a whole, it is influenced by a lot of factors. According to science, 40-60% of our acquired intelligence is definitely a hereditary thing but the rest of them are determined by certain environmental factors in play, including how emotionally well-connected you are to your parent.


There's no doubt that having an active, connected parent helps the child grow emotionally. Studies have also proven that having a mom who is emotionally viable and present significantly boosts intelligence rates in children. In fact, having emotionally active parents influences children's intellect, cognitive intelligence, personality and rational thinking.

Hence, it is always good if you are able to sustain or share an emotionally strong relationship with your parents! If you have a good IQ level, or everyone considers you a know-it-all, you know who to thank now!


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