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15 fun April Fools pranks that your kids will totally fall for

Wondering how to trick your kids with some fun and harmless pranks? - We've got you covered.

April Fools day is upon us and after a year filled with Covid -related gloom it could be the perfect way to bring some much-needed light-hearted fun to give the whole family a giggle.

We have 15 fun pranks, parents could play on their kids, to get them starting their day with a chuckle.

But remember you need to execute your prank before 12pm - otherwise the joke is on you.

1. 'See food'

Stick googly eyes on all their food for the day. If they have a packed lunch this is a good, fun and harmless trick to prank them while they're at school. If not serve up a 'see-food' breakfast.

2. Move rooms

While they're fast asleep, move things around in their room.

3. Change the clocks

We just had the clocks go forward last week, but why not use that to your advantage this week. Spring them forward again tonight and when they wake up fool them into thinking you have all slept in. Might get them ready in plenty of time to leave for school!

4. Loo roll reading

Write a message or joke on the toilet roll so when the pull the paper a prank appears.

5. Coin trick

Superglue a coin to the ground outside where they will be sure to see it. An oldie but a goodie!

6. Toilet surprise

The famous old trick of clingfilm over the toilet seat. This can be messy so if you're willing to clean up after it, it can be hilarious.

7. Miniture wardrobe

If you have some of their old school uniforms you've been meaning to donate but haven't got the chance yet because of Covid, why not lay them out for them and when they realise they're too small, show your mock surprise at how much they've grown over night. The smaller the clothes, the more effective this is!

8. Bigfoot

Similar to the miniture wardrobe, stuffing toilet roll into the toe of your child's shoes will make them think they have grown to sizes over night, A quick, easy and non messy prank to fool your kids.

9. Musical beds

If you have more than one child, this can be an effective prank. Wait til your kids are asleep and lift them into each other's beds.

10. Computer says no

Simple but effective; Turn off the wifi when they're playing on their devices then when they moan there's a problem, switch it back on so it works for you (then back off when you hand the device back). This prank could go on all day!

11.   No control

Cover the remote control sensor with tape or bluetac so when they try to change the channel nothing happens.

12. Cereal prankster

Switch the bags of cereal between boxes. So your Rice Kirspies become Shreddies and your Coco Pops become Cheerios and sit back and watch the prank unfold.

13. Ice cold eyes

Make eyeball ice cubes by drawing eyes on small marshmallows and freezing them with water in ice cube trays. Pop a couple in their drink and watch their faces when they notice.

14. Jelly drink

Pour them a glass of juice that's really Jelly so when they take a drink, nothing comes out.

15. Dress up

Drop your kids off to school in fancy dress or a crazy wig. That will be sure to raise a few smiles (and eyebrows) at the school gates


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