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The coat flip trick To Teach Children To Put On a Coat by Themselves

As it gets colder outside, you may be curious about ways to teach your child how to put on a coat. There’s no easier way to do this than what has been termed “The Montessori Coat Flip” method.

Quick, easy, effective and fun! Perhaps best know for being taught in Montessori schools, this easy trick for putting coats on is guaranteed to save parents and children lots of time.

Teach your young child to put on their own jacket - no more stress getting out the door, and they feel proud and independent! Independence is something that is highly valued in the Montessori world. The following great tip is to help children independently put on their own coat / jacket.

What age can the Montessori coat flip be learned?

Children develop physically, mentally, and emotionally at different rates. Many toddlers will be able to learn the coat flip around 18-months old, however, others may have difficulty with this method until around the age of 2 or even 3.

The coat flip trick is the simplest and quickest way for kids to put their coats on. Bend down, flip up and zip up. What could be easier?

So, demonstrate the following steps to your child and then let them repeat it after you:

1.   Lay the jacket on the floor with the collar or hood facing up (inverted) and nearest the feet.

2.   Stand behind the collar and bend down.

3.   Push one arm into the corresponding sleeve of the coat. Push all the way until the hand has come out of the armhole.

4.   Repeat with the other arm.

5.   Stand up half way bringing the coat with up with the arms.

6.   Stand up fully as you do this and lift both arms simultaneously up. Use momentum to lift and flip the coat over your head.

7.   As the coat goes over your head use your hands to guide coat towards body as it comes down your back. The back may need to be pulled down for ease.

8.   Adjust the coat if necessary.

9.   Zip up.

The jacket can also be laid on a child sized table instead of the floor, which may be easier as balance is already established from the beginning.

Here are two very short videos. Adorables two-year-old show  the quickest way to put on a jacket by flipping it over their heads, and look VERY pleased with the new trick!

  • Each toddler puts his arms in the jacket's arm holes and flips it over his head
  • It comes on perfectly and one of them even manages to get the hood on his head
  • They both smile sweetly and a dad who laughs, exclaims 'What?!' at the camera!

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