Monday, November 16, 2015

What Parents of Autistic Children Want Educators to Know

Several Parents of children with Autism and Asperger's have written what they would like Educators to know about having a child with autism in their class:

  1.  Please let us know if our child has had a good day.  It means SO much to parents to receive encouragement.  Just simple things like our child participating in a group discussion can be the highlight of our week!
  1. Don’t get discouraged with “me” when my child comes to school with incomplete homework.  I take homework very seriously.  However, there are nights where completing assignments is a terrific challenge.  I can win a battle, but lose the war. Blanks will be filled in, but no learning will have occurred.
  1. We are eager to share information concerning our child and their disability.  Please don’t be afraid to ask.
  1. We want to work as a team with school staff in educating our children.
  1. The child with Aspergers truly doesn’t understand how the world works.
  1. The Asperger Child cannot learn by reward and punishment systems alone, they will need to be directly taught the most basic social skills again, and again, and again.
  1. With the ASD student it is all about teaching, not disciplining.
  1. Some of us want to know if there has been a problem, we might be able to offer a quick solution.  Others of us know how challenging our children can be.  We live with them.  We do not need to know every behavior that occurs and when you must report these behaviors, please do so in a positive way. 
  1. Some students with ASD can be brilliant in some areas and very poor in others.  Please don’t think they are lazy and not trying.
  1. Please don’t stereotype our children.  Children with autism are all very different with very different needs.
  1. Occasionally, we need extra time to discuss our child with you.  If you could make yourselves available through e-mail, we would be very appreciative.
  1. We want you to know how much we appreciate you.  We know you are working hard to provide the best education possible for our children. 
Barb Fogarty
Autism Consultant for Lawrence Township

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