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Recognizing ADHD Warning Signs in Kids

ADHD Warning SignsObserve Your Child’s Behavior for these 4 ADHD Warning Signs

Kids with ADHD often show warning signs and symptoms early in life before they are diagnosed with the disorder. Brain Balance Achievement Centers recommends that parents look for the following ADHD warning signs in kids with behavioral issues. These signs of ADHD should be observed frequently and to a degree that is not developmentally appropriate for the child’s age:

4 ADHD Warning Signs

1. Hyperactivity – Children with ADHD are often perceived as displaying excessively high levels of energy. Signs include fidgeting with their hands and feet, getting up from their seat when expected to remain seated, and difficulty remaining quiet when participating in leisurely activities.
2. Lack of attention – An inattentive child has trouble paying close attention to detail, has difficulty following directions, struggles with organization skills, and does not seem to listen when addressed. Other symptoms include failing to complete assigned tasks, misplacing items such as toys, school work, books etc., and forgetfulness along with distraction throughout the day. The level of inattention observed should seem markedly different from the child’s peers.
3. Food sensitivities - Many children with ADHD suffer from a variety of food sensitivities. While any food can be problematic and aggravate the underlying condition, common food sensitivities include gluten and dairy products. The best way to observe food reactions is to keep a food and behavior log. This will allow you to pinpoint which foods trigger your child’s symptoms.
4. Impulsive behavior - A child with ADHD will likely talk excessively and have trouble waiting for his or her turn, which can lead to blurting out responses when inappropriate to do so. Examples of this include taking over games, cutting into conversations, and overreactions to seek attention, all of which make it challenging to make and keep friends. A high level of impulsive behavior will be observed frequently and in multiple settings.
If you are concerned about your child’s behavior and observe some or all of these ADHD warning signs, use the online assessment tool to gain more insight, and consider seeking a professional evaluation for your child.

More About The Brain Balance Program

If your child displays symptoms and behaviors associated with ADHD, we invite you to consider the Brain Balance Program®. Clinical research indicates that most neuro-developmental disorders have in common an under-connectivity between the two hemispheres of the brain called Functional Disconnection Syndrome. After completing a comprehensive assessment in one of our centers, our team develops a customized program to address your child’s specific symptoms and behaviors. Our program integrates physical, sensory motor, and cognitive exercises with important nutritional guidance to effectively address the root cause of these issues, leading to a reduction or elimination of negative symptoms and behaviors. 


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