Thursday, November 14, 2013

Helpful tips to improve your kid’s memory

Memorizing is one of the hardest tasks of students. It’s very hard to memorize terms and their definitions. Remembering is a challenging part of studying and learning. It’s one way of enhancing the brain. If your child finds difficulty in remembering important data or information, your child needs your help. Improve your kid’s memory with the following tips.

  1. Soak five almonds in water overnight. Given them to your kid for breakfast.
  2. Include ghee (clarified butter) in your child’s diet to make his/her memory better.
  3. Include black pepper in suitable recipes to improve memory.
  4. Let your child drink plenty of water as this is a good way in improving your child’s memory.
  5. Teach your child deep breathing techniques that could lead to your child’s memory improvement. Let your child practice a 10-minute deep breathing daily. This technique also improves all functions of the brain.
  6. Develop strategies in memorizing like mnemonics. These are memory aids that help you make a connection between what you know and what you need to remember. Under mnemonics, you can employ memory strategies like acronyms, acrostics, poems and songs, and keyword.
    • Acronyms: An acronym is an abbreviation for a set of words. This is good in helping your child remember names of organizations and places. Ask your child if there’s a list of vocabulary or figures to learn for tomorrow and help them come up with an acronym. This is effective for a memory test.
    • Acrostics: You take the first letter of each of the words in the list you want to remember, and then make a sentence with words starting with those letters. This is very useful in remembering longer sets of words.
    • Poems and songs: It is easier to remember rhyming things. Teach her to memorize to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”.
    • Keyword: In this strategy, take the word you want o learn, find a similar sounding word or spelling but make sure you can picture it in your head, and come up with a sentence that includes the keyword and the meaning you’re trying to remember.
Doing these things for child memory development will raise the level of your child’s memory. Hence, his/ her grades will be better as well as the overall performance at school.


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cerebral success said...

Not all children have the same capacity to memorize things. It varies from one child to the next, but all children have the ability to remember things. If you feel that your child has a memory deficit, try the following tips to help improve it:

- Check the child’s diet. A diet rich in green and leafy vegetables helps improve memory skills. Consider a vitamin supplement, too.

- Exercise keeps the body fit. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Encourage the child to get regular exercise.

- Allow him to take part in an activity involving his imagination, such as singing, dancing or drawing.

- Give him story books to read.