Thursday, October 17, 2013

Changing Education Paradigms

Education is really important and should be prioritized. It will always lead every people for a better future. We need to totally rethink how we see learning.

It seems that the purpose of education in the modern social environment is not to "educate" people but instead to condition them to support and perpetuate the current system, that which is detrimental to the lives of all on the planet.

It seems also that the only way to change education drastically to encompase the methods discussed here would be to deal with the rout causes, the social system we currently live in. A myriad of influences can play a part in a student's attitude to learning not just teachers. Each country should have its own strategy of Education according to its own charactristics.

 Sir Ken Robinson is suggesting that the Education System is part of the cause of the ADHD epidemic. Doctors often prescribe Ritalin to children who are hyperactive and want to run around instead of sit in a classroom. Children are prescribed these drugs before their minds have time to fully develop.

If you have children that you care for ADHD you want "solutions" to the current system mentioned here, then you will either change the system or change your lifestyle in order to give your children what you think they really need. (Within the system, "solutions" will include current alternative education methods such as Montessori. Outside the system you might wish to try homeschooling methods such as Unschooling).

Education systems are failing globally. In most countries everyone has this way of thinking that in order to be successful you need to become a doctor, lawyer, dentist ect. Everyone wants to be a millionaire. So, the problem is that schools are just producing what industry demands, instead of producing free thinking people who can maximize their brains to solve problems we produce drones who can only repeat the same mistakes over and over.

It's not that difficult to change, it just takes time. These are exactly the ideas that new teachers are bringing to schools, and this change has been slowly occurring for the past decade.

Give it time. We could predict that by our grandchildren will be in a fundamentally changed school system. Until then you should encourage your own or your child's teacher by sharing this video with them.


by Sir Ken Robinson, 
world-renowned education and creativity expert

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