Sunday, December 15, 2013

Little schoolgirl signs the songs so her deaf parents can understand the lyrics

 Rania Chiourea

The cutest carol concert ever: Little schoolgirl SIGNS as kindergarten class sings so her deaf parents can enjoy the show too!

What an awesome message to send the world this Christmas! No matter what language we speak, it is possible to communicate with each other IF we listen closely enough and with an open heart.

Holy moly, this is adorable. Very entertaining video of a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) enthusiastically singing holiday songs using sign language and animated facial expressions. Kindergartener Uses Sign Language So Mom and Dad Can Enjoy Pageant. It's so impressive and inspiring !

She is absolutely amazing !!!!

While belting out  Christmas songs at a school concert, 5-year-old Claire Koch (is the blonde in the middle) can be seen signing the songs and performing sign language so her hearing-impaired parents Lori και Thomas J. Koch could understand the lyrics.

So sweet and thoughtful of her at such a young age, to remember to sign the songs for her Parents! Actually, one music teacher at this school/concert--she said the following, "I told her to do it for her parents and had her practice when we were rehearsing in class. I asked the other music teacher to place her in the front so her parents could see her, and she was. We also got an actual interpreter for them as well...." It was all the kindergarten classes in the school, and the school has over 800 kids, so there are two music teachers.
The video, which captures a group of kindergartners singing  Christmas songs, was recorded by proud mother Lori Koch. Her daughter, is  giving a performance worthy of tossed roses and a standing ovation.

 A child with two deaf parents learns sign language as her native language. Learning English comes later, with babysitters, older siblings, hearing friends and relatives, and nursery school. So it's hardly a surprise she knows how to sign, although to her credit she's clearly very intelligent and expressive. The surprise was not learning to sign which she would have known since age one or two, but her signing the song lyrics and combine the signs.
Tooo cute!!!!! You can see the love she has for her parents in this.

 We need more kids like little Claire....

Watch this and it would be the best 3:40 minutes you've spent in your day!  Nothing is as beautiful as the innocense of a loving child during the Christmas holiday!!!!!

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