Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teaching Children Social Skills

There are certain kids that lack proper social skills due to certain learning disabilities. This can cause them to become frustrated very easily and act out. Special education teachers often have a difficult time communicating with them and teaching them new skills because of this. Children who lack these skills often have a difficult time making and keeping friends, following specific instructions, expressing their feelings through words, and controlling their anger. By teaching children social skills early on, these children can learn how to properly communicate with others.


Learning Manners

When children lack social skills, they often don't know how to properly use manners. This can be frustrating for the parents of the child, as well as the special education teacher. With social skills training, children can learn how to approach others in ways that are socially acceptable. They will also learn how to share their toys with other children and adults, and ask for permission for things, rather than just taking them. When children learn manners, they learn how to appropriately act in public and around anyone they come in contact with.


Making Friends

Social skills help children make friends. Making friends is definitely important to children as they are growing up. It helps them become more confident and open up more. Children that are able to make friends in school are more likely to do better in school because they feel better about themselves. Friends are great to have for numerous reasons. One of the main reasons why friendship is important is that it helps children learn how to solve problems, negotiate different situations, and practice controlling their emotions. 


Following Directions

When children learn these skills, they are able to understand how to follow directions properly. Those that do not have proper social skills have a much harder time figuring out how to perform certain tasks. When children have role models in their life that can show them how to properly follow directions, they have an easier time learning these skills without further intervention. Children learn most things by watching their parents and siblings do things.


Proper Anger Management

Children who are unable to communicate properly with others often have a very difficult time expressing their anger in productive ways. It becomes extremely difficult for children with special needs to know how to react when they become angry or frustrated. Teaching the child that counting to 10 before reacting to the situation is a lot more beneficial than reacting right away will really help them. These skills will prevent the child from acting out of anger. It can also help to teach the child how to distract themselves instead of putting their main focus on why they are angry.


Resolve Conflict

When children with special needs are faced with a conflict, it is hard for them to resolve it. Children who do not have the proper skills often use physical violence to try and resolve things instead of using their words. It helps to teach the children that if there is a conflict, they can go to a parent or a teacher for assistance in resolving the issue. A lot of times children are faced with big issues such as bullying. This can cause them to become physical and try to harm the person bullying them. Social skills will prevent them from taking drastic measures and learn other ways to handle the problem.
Special needs children sometimes need intervention to learn important social skills. For a special education teacher, it can be hard to handle children that lack these skills. This is because they often act out and have a hard time following instructions that are given to them. By being a positive role model in the child's life, they will pick up on your habits. It can sometimes be difficult teaching children these skills, but it is important to be persistent and keep encouraging them.

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